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We all have things for which we want to save. Most of us put away a few euro every month into our bank or building society account to save for our next holiday or to build up some savings for the unexpected. Deposit accounts are generally good for short-term saving needs, but these accounts offer unattractive growth potential.

There are also very good reasons for saving long term, including saving for a long held dream, a child's education or a down-payment on a house. These could put a high dent in your family finances. The solution to these increasing costs is to plan ahead. This will ensure that in future you do not have to borrow at high interest rates or re-mortgage your home.

A MÓB Financial Services Savings Plan offers you the opportunity to put money away for your child's education or a long held dream. When it comes to saving, feeling comfortable about what you invest your money in is important. Many regular savers like the security that a deposit account can give but feel the interest they receive is insignificant after inflation. Others turn to the stock market for a better return but this does not appeal to everyone because of the volatility associated with equities.

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