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Financial Protection

The main purpose of financial protection is to make sure you or your family won't have financial problems if a misfortune like an accident, death or illness happens in your family. All protection policies are designed to replace lost income and provide a money benefit when it is needed most.

Think of all the things that would still need to be paid for - the mortgage, the bills, day-to-day living expenses, childrens education expenses and so on. These won't go away if you or your partner cannot work or you die.

MÓB Financial Services Limited offers a wide range of cover against things that could affect your family, such as illness, death, an accident or a stay in hospital. In addition, the Life Plan may automatically include children's protection benefits.

You can also put money away, tax-efficiently, for your child's education or a long held dream. Benefits can be arranged for both you and your partner, for similar or different amounts within the same plan.

Not only that, but we have designed the plan to change as your needs change, so that you have the financial security you need at every stage of your life. If you already have a protection plan with us, then you may be able to enhance existing protection options at very little cost.

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