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Due to increased life expectancy you can look forward to spending up to a third of your life in retirement but you may not relish the idea of living on the State Pension. Pension Plans are simply long-term savings plans with tax benefits, that help make your retirement years more comfortable - you invest your money into a pension, the pension grows and you use the money you have built up to keep you going when you retire.

We assist our clients in starting and establishing the most suitable Pension through to planning for their Retirement and choosing the best post-retirement options to suit their particular financial needs.

The profile of our population is getting older, meaning less money will be available in the future, as more people will be retiring and less people working. This is why the government is actively encouraging everyone to save for their retirement by offering attractive tax benefits. Pension Plans can provide immediate tax benefits that may lower your current taxable income, and enable you to build assets free from immediate taxation. Contributions made to a retirement plan may be tax deductible - thus lowering your current taxable income.

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