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Businesses planning for growth requires regular measurement of performance so that you are strategically placed to respond to market changes and opportunities. This involves high-level analysis of your existing or planned business structure and systems to ensure that your working capital is sufficient to fund your growth plans, as well as analysing your business aspirations in the context of your marketplace and competitors. Our experienced team brings a diverse range of expertise to your business, with an approach that is both innovative and challenging. We focus on ways to ensure your company's profitability today while planning for sustainable business growth.

We will work with you to plan for growth by identifying the issues unique to your business, developing a plan and making it happen.

Key business issues

  • Do you need access to capital to grow the business?
  • Do you want to expand into new markets, products and services?
  • Are you looking to expand abroad?
  • Do you have the right organisational structure to grow your business?

How we can help you

We provide a number of growth strategy services, including:

  • Business acquisitions and sales financial analysis
  • Management reporting
  • Private and family business planning
  • Profit and cash flow analysis and improvement
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Succession planning.
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We believe that accounting is more than accounts. We can also help grow your business sustainably.

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