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Accounts Preparation

If it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed. An accurate set of accounts, promptly prepared after the year end, offer every type of business the best chance to understand and manage their financial position.

At MÓB Accountants Limited we work with many different types of businesses

These include:

  • Sole traders and Partnerships - accounts typically used as a basis for income tax returns and banking purposes
  • Companies - statutory annual accounts for shareholders that comply with both Irish/UK GAAP and international financial reporting standards.

We also prepare statutory financial statements for filing in the Companies Registration Office, assisting you to avail of all relevant exemptions. When preparing accounts, we always highlight issues that will require attention. We make specific recommendations for improvement there and then.

In each case, we do this in line with the appropriate accounting standards. These accounting standards frequently change. The most recent accounting standards are always applied, presenting your business in a manner that tells the reader that your affairs are properly and accurately recorded.

This story and comparison will allow you to understand and plan your business/tax affairs in a timely and structured way. By highlighting the key performance indicators for your business, we will arm you to quickly respond to the issues around your business.

For some of our clients, annual accounts are all that is required. For many others, more frequent accounts are needed. We can deliver such accounts quickly and in a form that best suits individual needs at the time. Such accounts, prepared on site or remotely, are an invaluable tool to management. These can be prepared monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

Whether you are a start-up, a single property landlord, business with or without employees, in a corporate form or not, we can speedily complete your accounts. We look forward to preparing your accounts, telling your story and pointing you to the key facts that will help you best manage your business and financial affairs.

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